Things You Should Know DVD

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DVD – 1 hour, 7 minutes
Things You Should Know are things that you should know, but you probably don’t know you don’t know! Things You Should Know includes more than 2 hours and a half of videos created by Lon Safko that helps teach you how to optimize your social media marketing. Lon’s how to’s include:

Creating A Email Social Media Signature   5:58
Tweet Your Email Sign Up   6:45
Social Media HTML Email Marketing 10:47
Setting Google Alerts   6:29
How To Use Seesmic Desktop   5:39
How To Create A Blog 6:25How To Create A Great Avatar 15:18
SEO Implications Of Blogging 15:25
Exploring The Sales Funnel   8:43
WordPress Overview 33:40
Themes, Widgets & Plug Ins
How To Create a QR Barcode   4:55