The Five Steps To Success DVD




Presentation – DVD – 58 Minutes
The Secret To Integrated Marketing… You integrate!

Social media is a lot more than a Facebook pages and a few Tweets, it’s about understanding your total existing convention marketing strategy, the psychological hot buttons of all of your different demographics, where they go to socialize, and how to reach them. It’s also about where do you find the resources necessary to take on the challenge of integrating social media into your strategy and lastly how do you measure your results. You can’t manage what you don’t measure. If you’re not measuring, then you don’t know your ROI.

In this five part series of videos, Lon shares his insights and Part 3 of Lon’s newest book The Social Media Bible, Second Edition, The Five Steps To Social Media Success.

This DVD is one hour video Lon asks the questions; Do you know exactly what your marketing ROI is? Do you know your Cost Of Customer Acquisition is? Do you know it for EVERY marketing campaign you did last year? If not… How do you know what’s working and what isn’t? In this video, Lon explains why know this will help you develop a successful social media marketing strategy.

While there are hundreds of social media tools and 23 major categories, the three most important tools that everyone feels most comfortable with is what I call The Social Media Trinity; Blogging, Micro0Blogging, and Social Networks. Learn more about this “trinity” of social tools.

Now that you have a handle on you existing marketing and really know where your resources are going, you now need to fully integrate your convention marketing with your social media marketing. Lon will explain how.

Step 4 in this process is to identify your resources. Refer back to step 1 and eliminate any marketing with a low ROI or Cost Of Customer Acquisition and use those resources to fund your new social media initiative. Look around, you’ve got social media talent all around you! Lon will explain more in this video.

You’ve heard the old adage; You can’t manage what you don’t measure. This is even more true for Extreme Digital Marketing! Lon discusses how to measure everything when implementing your new successful social media success strategy. Lon will take you through the process.