The Black Success Package




The Black Success Package – $499
It So Big It Had To Fit In 2 Packages!

The Black Success Package is a nearly overwhelming collection of the following solutions:

1.The BIG Picture DVD44 Minutes$50
2.The Five Steps DVD58 Minutes$50
3.The Power Of Email DVD4 Hours, 30 Minutes$50
4.Executive Conversations CD24 Hours$50
5.Creative Marketing DVD4 Hours, 24 Minutes$50
6.eMarketing Overview DVD2 Hours, 47 Minutes$50
7.From The Boardroom DVD3 Hours, 24 Minutes$50
8.Things You Should Know DVD2 Hours$50
9.Building Energized Teams 2 DVD’s2 Hours, 37 Minutes$50
10.Innovative Thinking DVD44 Minutes  $50
11.SEO- SEM, 4 DVD Set5+ Hours$100
12.Value Added Selling DVD1 Hour, 7 Minutes$50
13.Tactics, Tools & StrategiesWhite Paper Report$50
14.BIG Picture TweetinarWhite Paper Report$50
15.Five Steps TweetinarWhite Paper Report$50
15.From One Comes ManyWhite Paper Report$50
16.Three ‘C’s InnovationWhite Paper Report  $50
16.The Social Media Bible800+ Page Book$30