Social Media, The BIG Picture DVD




Presentation -DVD – 44 Minutes
This DVD is a three camera high definition video of Lon presenting is high energy social media overview. When you finish this video, you will be left with the feeling: Holy Moley, I had no idea there was that much to social media!. Because, you don’t know what you don’t know!

• Social Media Overview
• So What IS Social Media
• Which Social Media Tools Should I Use?
• The Twitter About Twitter
• Social Networks Are More Than Networking
• Virtual World – Real Presence
• Blogs Are Not Just Web Logs
• Bad Marketing Is Better
• Customer Collaboration
• Video Gone Wild
• Sandwich Wars
• Wisdom Of Crowds

Included On This DVD…

12 – Video Chapters, 45 Minutes Of Three Camera, HiDef Social Media Video!
2 – eBooks
Extreme Digital Marketing “The Impact Transcript” – 28 Pages
The Social Media Bible Sampler – 78 pages, Including:
The Table Of Contents, The Forward, The Acknowledgments
Chapter 1 – What Is Social Media, Part 3 Excerpts, The Index

You think you know social media? If you can’t answer at least 7 out of the following 10 questions, you need to see The Big Picture!

1. Can you explain what “The Fundamental Shift in Power”© means?
2. Can you explain why social media marketing is completely different from conventional marketing wisdom?
3. Can you name at least three tools designed to assist you with your cyber-surveillance reputation management?
4. Can you name the most valuable social network, from a marketing “Watering-Hole” perspective?
5. Can you explain why email Segmenting, Day-Parting, and the “1.54 Second Rule”© are so important?
6. Can you name any 3 of Fortune 1,000 companies actively branding themselves in a virtual world?
7. Can you explain 2 advantages to “In-Game” advertising?
8. Can you explain why all search engines give preferential indexing and greater SEO rankings to blogs through “Link-Love” and “Google Juice”?
9. Can you explain the best way to use social media psychology to defuse negative press?
10. Can you name what drug in the brain is responsible for causing a video to go viral and why?

That’s why you need to experience, Social Media – The Big Picture. You don’t know what you don’t know.