4 DVD Set – 5+ Hours
In this 10 part, 2 DVD series, Lon talks about everything you need to know about SEO & SEM. Learn what a spider and a crawlers is, the importance of freshness and External Reputable Links, and how a PPC auction actually works. Lon shows you how to manage a Key Word advertising campaign and how to create a list of Key Words and Key Word phrases that pushes you to the top of the search engines and gets results.


01 – In Part 1, is an overview that talks about “Organic” or “Natural” vs. “Paid” listings, Search Engine market share, how search engines work, why search engines convert so well, The Buying Funnel, why Key Words work, Portals, Vortals, conversion strategy, Spiders, Crawlers, & Bots, Titles, Descriptions, URL’s, and how Meta data works.

02 – In Part 2, Lon discusses Channel Conflicts, Trademark Sucking, submitting to Directory Mozilla (DMos), and what not to do when submitting your site.

03 – In Part 3, Lon discusses his 1.54 & 5 Second Rules, how to get your landing page ready for traffic, Flesh Kincaid Reading Level, developing the exact Key Word list for every page, and Key Words vs. Key Word Phrases.

04 – In Part 4, Lon discusses Organic Searches, why content is king, the power of bullets, bold, underline, and headings, Java Scripts, Cascading Style Sheets, Frames, Flash, Alt Tags, Breadcrumbs, and PHP.

05 – In part 5, Lon discusses Creating Title, Descriptions, and URL’s that sell, the importance of Google’s Page Rank and how it’s developed, Google Bombing, Link Requests, SItes, Links, and the Google Death Penalty.Site Caching, and then… Presents you with 2 full pages of exactly what to do and not do to get to number 1 on Google search!

06 – In Part 6, Lon discusses Brand Effect, Generic Searches, PPC, PPC Auctions, GeoMatching, Day Parting, Ke Word Volumes & Volitility, CPO, CPA, BtoB metrics, and developing a successful SEM strategy.

07 – In Part 7, Lon discusses Paid Placement Bids, Google vs Yahoo, real time auction pricing, how to design effective paid placement for each search engine, Google’s & Yahoo‘s Guidelines and Policies, and Hybrid Auction.

08 – In Part 8, Lon discusses compelling ad copy, Key Word research, Dynamic Key Word Insertion, (DKI), and XML.

09 – In Part 9, Lon discusses Broad, Phrase, Exact, and Negative Match, campaign management, Geo-Targeting, budgeting, Contextual ads, Spending Caps, Buy Cycles, Portals and shopping, Pop-Ups, Banners, and Click Fraud.

10 – In Part 10, Lon discusses bringing it all together to develop that killer strategy that combines both Organic and Paid listing to dominate the search engines for your Key Words!