Build Energized Teams DVD




2 DVD’s – 2 Hour, 37 Minutes
In this 8 part DVD series, Lon shows you how to create, motivate, and energize teams. Lon talks about the psychology and habit of successful leaders and what it takes to lead productive teams. He also discusses negative vs positive motivation and delegation. This DVD is full of activities for the individual and the teams and dozens of Lon’s personal anecdotes and real world examples to help the viewer better understand the concepts.

01 – In Part 1 – Lon discusses WII-FM, identifying challenges, key Leadership traits, organizational barriers, the cost of poor teamwork.

02 – In Part 2 – Lon discusses what motivates / de-motivates employees, Maslow’s Hierarchy, & high price of negative reinforcement.

03 – In Part 3 – Lon discusses the power of positive reinforcement, harmful paradigms & how to break them, identifying left brain / right brain thinkers.

04 – In Part 4 – Lon discusses the meaning of body language, words, tone, and body language, & how to listen.

05 – In Part 5 – Lon discusses naysayers & negaholics, how to build your creative mind, and the steps to create a powerful team.

06 – In Part 6 – Lon discusses team involvement, individual performance, team capability, fostering leadership.

07 – In Part 7 – Lon discusses problem resolution, delegation do’s and don’ts, mistake resolution, putting your plan in action, six key qualities of a great leader.

08 – In Part 8 – This is an amazing Bonus Exercise that was developed by NASA that demonstrated how the collective wisdom of a team outweighs the wisdom of one. This has truly outstanding results!