7.5 Secrets To A Successful Blog (Amazon)



7.5 Secrets To A Successful Blog: What Captures Attention

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“Blogging for sales is like football — millions of kids play it, but only a fraction of 1% ever make any money from it, and even fewer become superstars — like Dave Kerpen, who once wrote a blog that pulled over 2 million readers!

Unless you know how to create blogs as successful as Dave’s, chances are you are just wasting your time, creativity and energy on blogs 99.99% of people will never read! How does that make you feel? If you feel angry about all the time and effort you’ve been wasting, then do something about it.

Follow the Kerpen strategy. Now Dave didn’t invent this strategy, and he was surprised about some of the findings when we did an in-depth psychological marketing analysis of all of his blogs.

In 7.5 SECRETS TO A SUCCESSFUL BLOG, marketing psychologist Dr. Gary Witt and best-selling social media author Lon Safko reveal their scientific findings about how to Write a Grabber Subject Line, Pick a Magnetic Picture, Seduce readers with an opening paragraph, and much more. Literally hundreds of proven guidelines so the blog you write just doesn’t sit there waiting for a reader.