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Value Added Selling DVD

DVD – 1 Hour, 7 Minutes Value Added Selling teaches you how to put your customer first, because when you do, you close sales. Learn how to perform cyber-surveillance on your customers and prospects to learn what will motivate them to buy. Also learn the art of up selling and cross selling to which all […]

Things You Should Know DVD

DVD – 1 hour, 7 minutes Things You Should Know are things that you should know, but you probably don’t know you don’t know! Things You Should Know includes more than 2 hours and a half of videos created by Lon Safko that helps teach you how to optimize your social media marketing. Lon’s how […]

Social Media, The BIG Picture DVD

Presentation -DVD – 44 Minutes This DVD is a three camera high definition video of Lon presenting is high energy social media overview. When you finish this video, you will be left with the feeling: Holy Moley, I had no idea there was that much to social media!. Because, you don’t know what you don’t […]

The Power Of Email Marketing DVD

Presentation – 2 DVD’s – 4 hours, 30 minutes The Power Of Email Marketing is an unbelievable slide deck! This double DVD Set presentation condenses Lon’s two full day $500 conference into ten parts totaling more than 4 and 1/2 hours of intense tactics, tools, and strategies necessary for successful email marketing. If your serious […]

The Five Steps To Success DVD

Presentation – DVD – 58 Minutes The Secret To Integrated Marketing… You integrate! Social media is a lot more than a Facebook pages and a few Tweets, it’s about understanding your total existing convention marketing strategy, the psychological hot buttons of all of your different demographics, where they go to socialize, and how to reach […]


4 DVD Set – 5+ Hours In this 10 part, 2 DVD series, Lon talks about everything you need to know about SEO & SEM. Learn what a spider and a crawlers is, the importance of freshness and External Reputable Links, and how a PPC auction actually works. Lon shows you how to manage a […]

Innovative Thinking Process DVD

Ever wonder why some people are more innovative and spontaneous than others in creating new ideas? Lon is a proven innovator who shares his copyrighted method of innovation, The 5-W’s of Innovation, which uncovers the secrets necessary to help you think more innovatively and creatively every time to consistently solve your toughest problems. Innovation leads […]

From The Boardroom DVD

From The Boardroom is the answers to the Top 50 most asked questions from behind closed doors “in the boardroom”. This is nearly 3 1/2 hours of DVD hi-def video of Lon answering these tough questions. Save yourself a lot of time and mistakes by hearing the answers to your tough questions! Introduction 2:07   […]

Expert Interviews Audio DVD

Audio DVD – 24+ hours of MP3s 46 Interviews With 46 Of The Biggest People In The Social Media Industry! More than 24 Continuous Hours Of Insights From The People Who Invented Social Media! In this DVD there are 46 Interviews With 46 Of The Biggest People In The Social Media Industry! More than 24 […]

E-Marketing Overview DVD

Presentation – DVD – 2 hours, 47 minutes This is eMarketing series of videos take’s you through all of the basics of how to choose a web developer, how to choose an ISP (Internet Service Provider), how to get marketing and IT to work together, the basics of email marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & […]

Creative Marketing DVD

Presentation – DVD – 4 hours, 24 minutes – $49.95 Creativity and innovation is Lon’s passion and in this more nearly five hours of video, Lon takes you step by step through the creative process. Is it “Nature” or Nurture”, that is preventing us from being creative? Why is a 1st grader 98% more creative […]

Build Energized Teams DVD

2 DVD’s – 2 Hour, 37 Minutes In this 8 part DVD series, Lon shows you how to create, motivate, and energize teams. Lon talks about the psychology and habit of successful leaders and what it takes to lead productive teams. He also discusses negative vs positive motivation and delegation. This DVD is full of […]